Influencer Marketing Just Got Easier on Facebook Live with Live Contributors

Before getting into the new feature announced by Facebook this week (one of many), I want to relay a quick story that ties into why we’re so excited about the announcement…


In the summer of 2016 on World Social Media Day (June 30 to be exact), the leadership team for Social Media Club Phoenix (of which Kelly and I are part of) planned a Facebook Live “influencer takeover” of our business page. We approached many industry leaders in the city of Phoenix, but also around the country. We dubbed it #SMDayLive, complete with its own hashtag and URL…


At a scheduled time, participants would access the SMC Phoenix page and go live to present their topic, discuss uses, and interact with the online community of live viewers.


To bring a level of knowledge and education to small businesses and to provide them with takeaways and action items…actual USABLE things for their business that could help them grow.


Having not done this ever before, there really was NO expectation, just a willingness by all to try something new, given that this technology was now available through Facebook and we all thought it was worthwhile to try. Just about everyone we asked was enthusiastic about taking part in the experiment.


We drew up a schedule (you can still view it here), then added each of them as an administrator on the Social Media Club Phoenix Facebook page, and left the choice of content up to our already trusted leaders, as long as it fell into our goal of helping businesses succeed.




Check out all the videos from #SMDayLive 2016 on the Social Media Club Phoenix FB page here  or by clicking the image above.

Each live broadcast had several hundred viewers (and counting), and the real-time interaction was impressive, at least to us since there was less than a week lead up time to promote the event. I screenshotted the basic analytics on Reach and # of Views below. Keep in mind we only had around 900 followers on the page at the time:


Having nearly every broadcast appear in 1000+ Facebook newsfeeds each was something we viewed as a success, especially given the number of live broadcasts we did throughout the day.

It truly was a blast and everyone was so great in sharing their knowledge with the community. We felt in the end that it was a REALLY fun and useful day, and we’ll certainly be presenting something similar again this year for Social Media Day Phoenix 2017.



The direct relation is that, for this upcoming year to accomplish what we did last year (and more), we won’t have to give 10 different people admin rights to our page. Based on what Facebook just announced, there will now be a separate option (its even in the same spot as the others) to make people “Live Contributors” and give them the ability to go live directly on the selected page:


Facebook live contributors

How to assign a Live Contributor to your Facebook Business page


The page admins will still have full control to shut down a broadcast at any moment, which is obviously a necessity.



We’ve seen a lot of success on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat with “takeovers”, where influencers, partners or even customers are given the keys to a company’s social media account of choice for a time frame as part of a revenue-generating initiative. It usually ends up being mutually beneficial when done right.

With this ability now available on Facebook Business pages and specifically Facebook Live, the flood gates are open. Make a list of employees, business partners or patrons who you feel may be interesting, relevant and fun to have represent your brand for a few minutes through a live video on your Facebook page. The possibilities are endless, but we’ll cover some specifics in another blog post next week.

– Vincent