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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing isn’t new. The term “Influencer Marketing” is what’s fairly new. Bloggers, Vloggers, and other types of content creators have been writing sponsored posts for brands for years. I’ve been taking part in the Influencer Marketing space since 2008. That’s when my parenting blog started getting some attention and paid content was becoming more prevalent.

Influencer Marketing can take on many forms. Back in the day, it was a blog post or perhaps a YouTube video recommending a specific product or service (with a compensation disclosure). There was of course, some social sharing that went along with those posts, but today, social sharing might be the only piece to an Influencer Marketing campaign. Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts have become more and more popular as ways to reach an audience. Does size matter? In some cases, but I’m of the opinion that it’s more important for an Influencer to have an engaged audience than to have millions of “fans”.

Everyone has influence. If a woman on your street is sharing on Facebook about a cleaning service she uses and in response is getting tons of comments, likes, and shares. That’s influence. She’s likely producing leads for that cleaning company. And here is where most brands confuse influence with conversions. An Influencer Campaign can drive traffic and create buzz and have great reach, but ultimately, it’s up to the reader on whether or not they take that next step and make the purchase. Influence doesn’t equal conversion, but it does increase your chances.

If you have a great product or service, your landing page is amazing, the copy and images are compelling, your checkout process is painless, and your price point is perfect- that’s when you’ll get a conversion. If you’re relying on marketing without the aspect of design or the input of sales, you’re doing it wrong. The best way to have a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign is to have your marketing consultants (maybe the team here at BRANDish) meet with your in-house team to make sure that all the components of your campaign are cohesive. All the images and language used should be consistent. A tracking plan should be in place. A calendar should be established to layout when different aspects of the campaign go live. The social media team should be ready to do more than just retweet mentions. Planning will take you far, my friends!

An Influencer Campaign can be a lot of work for loads of traffic, but not as many conversions as hoped. So… is it worth it? I still say yes. It’s one small piece of what should be a much larger, fully integrated campaign. Working alongside targeted ads, an email campaign, and a strong social media strategy, an Influencer Marketing Campaign could be just what you need to get the additional reach you were looking for.

At BRANDish, we’ve worked on all sides of Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Our experienced team has worked as solo content creators and as in-house Marketing executives for brands. We’ve worked on an agency team and as independent campaign writers. Not only that, but we have a large database of influential content creators to fit your needs. Let us help you to craft the perfect Influencer Marketing Campaign to compliment your upcoming project.

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